Welcome to the world of LyricVision, a new genre I am hoping to spark in visual & audible art. The concept is simple: I write and record a rap song that tells a story and present it side-by-side with a word-for-word representation of that story in visual form. In other words, I merge comic book art with its matching piece of music... and a LyricVision is born.

Above you can view the music video for our very first issue of Tales From The Third Rail, entitled "The Terrorist". You can also download or stream the song by itself. To complete your LyricVision experience you will want to purchase a copy of the accompanying comic book.  If you have not done so already, you can order your physical copy of Tales From The Third Rail below.

Growing up in New York, the two forms of media that consumed my young world were comic books and hip hop music. Years later after delving deep into both music and visual art through my career as a world touring rapper and street artist it occurred to me to blend the two into a single experience. I wanted to write raps that were also stories-- that would become songs that were also comic books. 

So I honed my story telling skills. I decided early on that my stories would be mini-movies-- brief glimpses of film noir, touching and horrible and usually involving shocking or grotesque twist endings. These are my "Tales From The Third Rail". 

To set up a story with relatable characters, emotional complexity and a twist ending within the confines of a four minute song isn't always easy. Did I mention that the lyrics have to rhyme as well? Actually there are other rules I set up for my new LyricVision genre. 

I vowed that the ONLY words printed in my comic would be the exact lyrics of the song it represents. Nothing more, nothing less. I also vowed to present the song and comic book together-- the song IS the comic. You buy one you get both. 

Finally I vowed to take it one step further and animate each comic in real time to the music. So not only is each issue available in comic book and song form, each one will also be able to be viewed as a fully developed music video/motion comic.  

So get your eyes and ears ready to delve into a complete visual and musical experience. I now present you with the first chapter in what will be a long series of stories that take the time honored tradition of noir to the next level. Please enjoy the very first Tale from The Third Rail. 

- Double A.B.

Tales From The Third Rail # 1: The Terrorist (Comic)

The debut issue of TF3R introducing you to the world of LyricVision, a new genre combining hip hop music and comic book art. Explore the dark world of Tales From The Third Rail.

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