Rapper, writer and artist Double A.B. hails from New York City and is a member of the Cannibal Ox/IGC family. He first garnered recognition through battle rap, having several victories in the legendary Blaze Battles as well as multiple MTV appearances on programs such as Direct Effect and their larger scale MC Battle. Touring the world alongside many of hip hop's most notable acts and releasing music independently, A.B. earned a rep as an energetic live performer and a highly conceptual songwriter.

Other career highlights include the album Media Shower which Double A.B. teamed up with producer Dub Sonata to release on Man Bites Dog Records. The album featured hip hop icons such as Roc Marciano, EvidenceRhymefest, Scram Jones and the late, great Sean Price.

Most recently A.B. has introduced the world to his concept of LyricVision, a new media-fusing genre of art. Specifically, LyricVision merges music with comic books. Tales From The Third Rail is Double A.B.'s ongoing series that presents dark short stories told in rap form AND comic form. In other words, each story he presents exists as a recorded song side-by-side with a word-for-word representation of that song as a comic book.

By fusing the boundaries between different artistic genres, A.B. hopes to push his art to the next level and present fans with a truly unique experience. His goal is to help people experience music and art in a way that they have never done before.

TWITTER - @thedoubleab